It is only when you do not know yourself

that you fear you are evil,

afraid to look within yourself.

But when you open up those doors,

you are amazed by the immensity and grace

of your own being.

(Seth/Jane Roberts)

One-On-One Zoom/Skype Sessions

The Inquiry Sessions I offer may help you if...

  • you feel frustrated, angry, sad, hurt, afraid, or disempowered
    around (the behaviour of) another person or people in your life
  • you wish they would change, would listen, would understand,
    would apologize (and they don't)
  • painful memories from your past are impacting
    your current relationships
  • your mind is open for an enlightening and adventurous journey into
    your internal world
  • last but not least, you speak English or German, and
  • you have access to a computer and internet

I Offer You...
  • assistance in connecting with your heart‘s intelligence and wisdom,
    your heart’s guidance, and how to implement it in your life
  • a space to fearlessly welcome and transmute any challenging
    emotions, your deepest fears, your grievances and resentments
  • a space to have some fun, be yourself, be playful and lighten up
  • a simple, powerful tool to address any relationship challenges
    in your life, called The Work of Byron Katie
  • transparency on how this process works and how to most effectively apply it
    by yourself, if you so desire
  • expert facilitation of The Work
  • a background of many years of exploration, experience and immersion in
    The Work of Byron Katie and other self realization/self development processes
  • an open mind and a dose of humor


I am also available to work with you if you are already familiar with The Work.


Transformational Inquiry

I offer one-time sessions as well as ongoing facilitation via Zoom or Skype. That way you and I can work together no matter where you live.

I‘m here to support you to really dive deeply into living from your heart around the people you care about, including yourself, and shift the challenges in your relationships one by one.

One or two sessions can be enough to completely shift your perspective regarding a specific relationship issue, and may be all you need or want. You can bring any relationship challenge or topic to this session that causes stress, anger, sadness or frustration in your life, which you would like to heal.

Ongoing facilitation is an opportunity to go deeper, to continuously integrate your heart‘s wisdom and intelligence into your daily life, test, refine and expand your discoveries, and come back and get more help whenever you feel stuck or challenged along the way.

I invite you to truly befriend your heart’s loving guidance, and gain trust and confidence in its reliability and intelligence.


Single Session (90 mins):

€ 100,-

Ongoing Facilitation (minimum of 5 sessions):

€ 85,- per session

For every session you and I do together, 10% of the fee I receive from you will be donated to TreeSisters, a tropical reforestation organisation working to replenish the world‘s rainforests. A donation of 10 euros (10% of the fee for a single session), enables them to plant thirty trees. 
For more information, please visit their website

Please get in touch with me if you wish to make an appointment for a single session and/or ongoing facilitation, or with any questions you may have.